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  • We believe…

    • in developing a learning community which uses reading and writing to produce multicultural, diverse learners who are college and career ready.
    • that successful reading and writing are the results of processes that are a part of a balanced literacy program.
    • that these processes involve the use of efficient thinking strategies, authenticreading and writing tasks, and getting students and teachers actively engaged.  (NPS English Department website)

    Strategic: Students need strategies to help them comprehend what they read and organize what they write. These strategies do not just hap-pen. Students only learn to read and write strategically if someone shows them what it looks like in action.
    Authentic: When students are motivated they persevere through diffi-cult tasks, use higher level thinking, problem solve, and perform better. Students are motivated when they "see the point." Students need learn-ing tasks which reflect how real people in the real world use reading and writing to navigate their lives.
    Engaged: Reading and writing are not passive activities. They require active engagement. Students need activities which engage their minds, fire their imaginations, capture their attention, and/or evoke emo-tions.


  • Sharon Davidson-Cook
    English Department Chair