• The principle goal of mathematics instruction is to ensure a comprehensive education for ALL students so that they become independent, critical and confident learners who are prepared to view and apply mathematics as a valuable, lifelong activity. (NPS Math Deptment website)


  • right angle triangle


  • Booker T. Washington High School is committed to being a premier urban high school by working collaboratively with parents and community members to provide a challenging and diverse education in a safe and orderly environment for ALL students. This partnership will produce students who are critical thinkers, lifelong learners and productive citizens in a global society.


  • Patricia Pearson
    Math Department Chair

Learning in Place Packets

Google Classroom Codes and Instructions

  •  Mr. Davis


    If you choose to do another option instead of the learning packet:

    • Go to https://www.ixl.com/signin/norfolkps sign in with “student login”@norfolkps and password is your 5 digit student number.
    • Go to the “diagnostic” and complete it then do 2 of the lessons a week based on your diagnostic.
    • Any questions please contact Mr. Davis

     Mr. Evans


    Algebra II Codes:

    • Bells 3, 4, 7: 6fvz5io

    • Bells 1 & 8: 2lv5zex

    Ms. Hamilton


    Block 4: AP CSP - cwr45lm
    Block 1 Algebra I - pdf7cpb
    Block 3 Algebra I - jg3gyke
    Block 5 Algebra I - 34deorx
    Block 6 Algebra I - tvtut4b
    Block 8 Algebra I - zg6mxed

      Mr. Nelson’s Google Classrooms


    Bell 1 – Math Analysis – x2rr3yu

    Bell 2 – Discrete Math – rnqnpty

    Bell 5 – AP Calculus – vcoulev

    Bell 7 – Math Analysis – uzkuhln

    Bell 8 – Math Analysis – 5lzhhqy

    Math Analysis and Calculus will utilize Khan Academy for instruction.  I am looking into options for Discrete and will provide as soon as I have found a means for providing instruction of the material other than google classroom.

    I will provide class codes for Math Analysis as soon as I have them created.

    l calculus students are already enrolled in my classroom on Khan Academy,  Instruction may move towards College Board as they make adjusts to AP Classroom for distance learning.

    Quizizz.com will be utilized for assessments for both Math Analysis and Discrete Math while AP Calculus assessments will mostly be through College Board’s AP Classroom.

    Ms. Pearson


    Woot Codes for all classes 79CD6V

    Ms. Saunders


    Algebra I students-

    Please practice the following concepts on https://www.ixl.com/signin/norfolkps :

    1. Add and subtract polynomials
    2. Add and subtract exponents
    3. Graphing inequalities

    Go up to at least 85 points in each concept