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    The goal of The Educational Resource Team is to provide specialized academic and behavioral support and services to students with exceptional needs in order to fully engage them in high quality learning environments that challenge and prepare them to be well-rounded, active members of a global society.


    1. To provide support services per IEP for students with identified disabilities, enabling them opportunities for success in high school.
    2. Satisfy legal mandates set by state and federal law (per IDEA) regarding identified students with disabilities.

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    1. To assist students to choose opportunities for success and development of self-advocacy.
    2. Commit to continued enrichment of skills and knowledge by special education personnel.
    3. Adapt as needed to serve an expanding and identified special education population.
    4. Expand inclusionary opportunities as appropriate.


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    Alethia Parson-Speller
    Educational Resource Department Chair
    757-628-3575 ext: 3039