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    William H. Ruffner Academy was established in 1922 as part of Norfolk City Public Schools. Though it was rebuilt in 1993 across the street from its original location, Ruffner Academy continues to operate as a true community-based school.  As such, many of our students walk to and from school and enjoy spending time on our grounds engrossed in both academic and extra-curricular activities.   Our instructional program provides options for students to participate in high school credit-bearing courses, including art, Algebra, Geometry, and Spanish. 


    2023- 2024 Teacher of the Year: Ms. Sharonda Epps

    Ruffner’s instructional staff relies on dedicated, compassionate individuals who are content experts.  Our team prides itself on uncovering new and exciting ways to teach core academic concepts, and we are well-versed in the art of helping students access materials in novel ways.  Teachers are carefully selected by our administrative team and are accountable for creating personal professional development plans that directly contribute to the success of our students.