• Engineering and Sciences

    Course Descriptions 



    Introduction to Engineering & Technology: 6th Grade, 1 semester

    Students use the engineering design process to study the resources of all technology, including tools, energy, materials, people, time, information, and capital. This also includes the problem-solving process and various hands-on activities. They explore up to six systems of technology, including medical, agricultural and related biotechnologies, energy and power, information and communication, transportation, manufacturing, and construction.


    Earth & Space Science: 6th Grade, 1 semester

    In this course, students study the complex nature of Earth systems, including Earth's composition, structure, processes, and history; its atmosphere, fresh water, and oceans; and its environment in space as a set of complex, interacting, and overlapping systems. The nature of science is emphasized as students learn about the development of scientific thought about Earth and space. The course stresses the interpretation of maps, charts, tables, and profiles; the use of technology to collect, analyze, and report data; and the utilization of science skills in systematic investigation. Process skills and critical thinking will be emphasized throughout the study of the content. Laboratory investigations, problem-solving activities, classroom discussions, and demonstrations will all be a part of this dynamic course.


    Engineering Design & Modeling: 7th Grade, 1 semester

    Students apply the engineering design process to solve real world problems and understand the influence of creativity and innovation on their lives. This course exposes students to numerous experiences in engineering design. The goal for students in this course is to define problems more precisely, to conduct a more thorough process of choosing the best solution, and to optimize the final design. Challenged by laboratory activities, students create new ideas and innovations, build systems, and analyze technological products to learn further how and why technology works. They work in groups to build and control systems using engineering design in the development of a technology.


    Genetics/ Biotechnology: 7th Grade, 1 semester

    Genetics/ Biotechnology integrates the fundamental concepts of life and physical sciences together with the basic laboratory skills necessary in the biological sciences. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of biotechnology, current trends and careers in biotechnology, and the business, regulatory, and ethical aspects of biotechnology. The knowledge and skills gained in this course will provide students with a broad understanding of genetics as it relates to biotechnology and its impact on society. The course is intended to meet the needs of a diverse body of learners and prompt further investigation into STEM careers as they transition to high school.