Fine and Performing Arts


    Here at the Compass Academy at Ruffner, our students in Grades 3 - 8 will be given the opportunity to explore various aspects of our Fine and Performing Arts program. Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 will participate in a series of exploratory courses that examine visual art, music, dance, and theater designed to spark their interest in learning more about each class. Older students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 will be able to choose full-year Dance, Band, Orchestra, Theater, or Art classes at the Beginning, Intermediate, and/ or Advanced levels for in-depth study. These courses are designed so that: 1) students are given voice and choice in the content they study, and 2) each course builds on what was learned in earlier years.

    We believe that the Fine and Performing Arts pathway broadens students' ability to express themselves in new and exciting ways. Their experiences in this pathway will allow students to think creatively, extend the breadth and depth of their artistic talent, and work under the guidance of talented instructors. As shown in the video above, the Compass Academy at Ruffner is deeply invested in the success of every student!




    2023- 2024 Compass Academy Advanced Band

    Mrs. T. Jefferson, Director

    This just in!


    As a part of their music classes, students were allowed the opportunity to create their own music using a combination of software, creativity, and instruments in a manner similar to today's most popular DJs and music producers! Have a quick listen to what our students were able to create as a part of their "Soundtrap Project:"