• Azalea Gardens Middle School Chorus Syllabus

    Course description:

    Our time in chorus will be largely focused on building upon the good habits of basic musicianship they learned last year.  These include: 

    • Music Literacy
    • Music History
    • Composition 

    Assessments and Grading:

    All grades will be uploaded to Synergy, however, most feedback to students will be given in Canvas. 

    • 40%     Performance Assessment
    • 25%     Musical Disciplines
    • 25%     Technical Skill
    • 10%     Written Assessment


    There will be grading rubrics posted in Canvas for each type of assignment given.


    Performance Assessment: (40%)

    • Repertoire singing assessments via SmartMusic
    • Sight-reading singing assessments via SmartMusic


    Musical Disciplines: (25%)

    • Rehearsal Skills:
      • Proper posture
      • Engagement in class/rehearsal
      • Etc.

    Technical Skill: (25%)

    • Scales
    • Solfege/Rhythm Reading
    • Musicality and Musicianship
    • Rhythm/Melodic Dictation
    • Videos through FlipGrid


    Written Assessment: (10%)

    • Written quizzes/tests
    • Warm-Ups/Exit Tickets
    • Reading assignments
    • Canvas Written Activities


    Supplies while Online Learning:

    • Reliable device/internet connection.
    • Camera (strongly recommended)
    • Microphone for device (must have for SmartMusic)
    • Pencil with good eraser
    • SmartMusic Student Account (provided by teacher)

    Concerts/Field Trips:

    At this time, no concerts or field trips are planned.  I will send an addendum to this syllabus when we go back to face to face learning.   

    7th and 8th Grade students will still have the opportunity to audition for District Chorus virtually. More details are forthcoming.

    Zoom Sessions:

    While zoom sessions are scheduled for 80 minutes each we will not be using the entire time to zoom as a class.  Students will have time during their ‘scheduled zoom class’ to work on Canvas assignments, Smartmusic assignments, and to take breaks.  I will also be available outside of class hours for private one-on-one zoom conferences (email teacher for time if needed). Students will still be required to practice IN ADDITION to the time they spend on the computer.  

    Although this is a difficult time for all the music family, we will learn and have fun!Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

    Jane Trahan, MME

    Choral Director

    Azalea Gardens Middle School