Larchmont History

  • The earliest recorded history of Larchmont School is dated October 1913.  The school at that time was under the jurisdiction of the Tanner’s Creek School Board since Larchmont was in Norfolk County.  The original school building was located on the corner of Hampton Boulevard and Bolling Avenue opposite the present site of Larchmont School.  Two teachers conducted sections of classes: grades 1-3 and grades 4-7.  The pupil population appears to have numbered approximately 120 and the community had to scout for 60 more students to qualify for an additional teacher.

    Since there appears to have been no building principal at this early time, the teachers appealed directly to the mothers of pupils for aid in acquiring from the school board additional teachers, needed teaching materials and improvements to the building.  The Mothers’ League that was formed as a result of this request went so far as to strongly suggest changes in teaching methods and classroom procedures.  Parents urged teachers to give less homework and suggested that since too many subjects were being taught at one time, emphasis be placed on a few subjects one year and on the others the next year.

    The City of Norfolk annexed Larchmont on January 1, 1923, bringing the school under the jurisdiction of the Norfolk School Board.  In about 1928, a hot lunch program was organized and in 1929, the present building of Larchmont School was erected, opening for grades 1-8 in September 1930.  This beautiful building with a modern lunchroom, dual purpose auditorium, wide halls, large rooms and connecting library was not only a proud possession of Larchmont, but also of our city.  Open house was held during September so that all could come and share in this wonderful achievement.  In 1954, six additional classrooms were built, and in 1968, a new cafeteria was constructed.  The former cafeteria space was redesigned to house a well-equipped media center.

    Larchmont School now houses grades Pre-Kindergarten and K-5.  The student body is comprised of children from the Larchmont, Highland Park and Lamberts Point neighborhoods.

    The history of this school would not be complete without naming some of the faithful leaders throughout its growth and development.  The first two teachers referred to earlier were Miss Rose and Miss Covington.  Between 1917 and 1918, the two principals were Mr. Scott and Miss La Crosse. 

Larchmont Principals

  • 1923-1925 Miss Martha F. Elliott

    1925-1927 Miss Lalla Jones

    1927-1945 Mr. William Harrell

    1945-1949 Mr. W. A. Manson

    1949-1961 Miss Margaret Dunton

    1961-1963 Mr. Hugh Vaughan

    1963-1969 Mrs. Rachael E. Patton Edwards

    1969-1976 Mrs. Virginia H. Veteto

    1976-1979 Mrs. Barbara Rayfield

    1979-1983 Miss Jean Farrow

    1979-1986 Mr. John F. Smith

    1986-1998 Mr. Eddie Hall

    1998-2005 Mrs. Patricia T. Morgan

    2005-2013 Ms. Patricia J. Melise

    2013- 2019 Mr. Dennis Fifer

     2019- Dr. James Peterson