• Larchmont Elementary School Mission Statement

    The mission of Larchmont Elementary, the gateway for opportunities with a diverse community, is to educate and empower students academically, socially, and emotionally in a global society, and the means to achieve our purpose are:

    • Showing respect for diversity
    • Providing equitable opportunities for all students and their families
    • Seeking and retaining highly qualified teaching staff to ensure equity and excellence
    • Valuing and encouraging the involvement of community members
    • Data driven personalized learning


    Larchmont Vision Statement

    Larchmont will be a safe, secure, and vibrant environment where all stakeholders are respected, valued, and appreciated for their individual diversity.  All stakeholders will be faced with high expectations for success and productivity, while they are simultaneously challenged and nurtured.  Larchmont will strive to produce citizens who are confident, powerfully literate lifelong learners.