• The application for rising 3rd/6th grade students is now closed. 

    Lottery Process:  The lottery is conducted using an online random generator.  Once all applicants have been qualified, they are entered alphabetically.  The names of qualified applicants are entered into the random generator and within seconds the names are randomly ranked from 1 to however many applicants were entered.  Each name is then placed in order on a spreadsheet to show the ranking of the student for the lottery selection.  The lottery is conducted by central administration representatives.  The process is witnessed by multiple participants and videotaped in order to certify the integrity of the process.

    Parents are reminded that selection is through a lottery and not a merit-based selection process like other specialty programs in the city.  Because of the number of applications, ADL receives, and the limited seats available, there are many students who do not get selected.  It is always difficult for ADL staff to have to notify parents and students that their name was not pulled in the lottery.  There are so many students who want to enjoy the offerings of ADL, however, it is important for parents to prepare their students for the possibility of not getting selected.   

    Parents are also encouraged to make sure ADL is the right fit for their student before applying.  Some parents may find the rigorous approach of the IB MYP to be difficult for their student. You can find additional information about the IB MYB by clicking HERE.

    ADL does not take tour requests.  During the application process window, ADL holds open houses and information sessions.  In addition, once students are accepted, they will attend a commitment/information events with their parent.  Students who are looking to make a decision between two programs may request to shadow an ADL student during the day.  Shadowing will only be conducted before the commitment night and must be requested via email at ADLQuestions@nps.k12.va.us.

    The information on this page is subject to changes in policy by NPS Administration.