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    What makes one a Virginia Registered Apprentice?

    All of the following must apply:

    • The apprentice must be working for a Virginia employer in an apprentice-related trade
    • The apprentice must have registered with the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry
    • The apprentice must have a registration card or Apprenticeship registration papers (Apprentice Agreement Form – A.A.F.) from the State of Virginia.

    All Virginia Registered Apprentices are required to enroll in Related Instruction classes. Those who are not Virginia Registered Apprentices are welcomed in most programs on a space available basis. (This does not apply to Cosmetology or Dispensing Optician). Virginia Registered Apprentices pay a reduced fee because a portion of their training costs are covered by special state funds for apprenticeship training.



    STEP 1: Identify the occupation that is right or appropriate for you.

    All prospective apprentices should start by identifying the trade or craft they wish to learn. There are many ways to learn about occupations. One way is the Virginia VIEW Occupational Search that matches an individual’s personal preferences in work situations to occupations. Career counselors and professionals in high schools, vocational centers, community colleges, and public service agencies, such as the Virginia Employment Commission, know about Virginia VIEW. People who want to become apprentices can discuss the requirements of a particular trade with their local Virginia Employment Commission Office.

    STEP 2: Identify an employer who will sponsor your apprenticeship.

    A sponsor, also known as a business, must be identified to provide on-the-job training for the apprenticeship program to be conducted. If prospective apprentices know of a business establishment that is willing to hire them in the trade or craft they wish to learn, the prospective apprentice should contact an Apprenticeship Representative at the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (see address and phone number below). The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry Representative will assist the prospective apprentice in asking the business to establish an Apprenticeship Training Program.

    If the prospective apprentice has decided on a particular trade or craft but does not know of a business willing to be a sponsor, the Workforce Information Coordinators in his/her local Virginia Employment Commission Office can be contacted to assist in identifying possible sponsors.

    STEP 3: Contact the Apprenticeship Representative from the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry.

    The apprenticeship representative from the Department of Labor and Industry will meet with the prospective apprentice and sponsor, usually at the sponsor’s business establishment. At the meeting, the training program will be outlined and discussed. The length of time an individual will be required to serve on-the-job and to attend related instruction will be discussed. An apprentice action form which formalizes the apprenticeship agreement is signed by the sponsor and the apprentice. This is not a contract, but rather an agreement as to the time frame and terms of the apprenticeship.

    Virginia Department of Labor and Industry
    Apprenticeship Training Division
    Interstate Corporation Center Building 6
    6363 Center Drive, Suite 101
    Norfolk, VA 23502

    STEP 4: Work, learn, and earn during your apprenticeship.

    Once the apprenticeship training program is completed, the apprenticeship representative from the Department of Labor and Industry will have the sponsor and the Related Instruction Coordinator sign a certificate indicating the apprentice has completed the required training. In approximately one month from the completion date, the apprentice will receive a Certification of Completion of Apprenticeship Training issued by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry.


    2021-2022 Apprenticeship Programs 





    Cosmetology by Independent Study

    Independent Electrical (Levels 1- 4)


    JATC Electrical (Levels 1- 5)

    Plumbing (Levels 1- 4)


    Dispensing Optician Hybrid Model (Face to Face and Online Classes - Levels 1-2)


    HVAC (Levels 1- 4)


    2022-2023 Adult Evening and Apprenticeship Related Instruction Catalog

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