• Norfolk Technical Center Information

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     What Are the Benefits of Attending NTC?

    • Acquire a skill with which to earn a living.
    • Become more attractive to potential employers.
    • Participate in the Work Experience Program (on-the-job training, earning credit and money at the same time.)
    • Earn any of the following seal for your high school diploma
    • Governor’s Seal
    • Board of Education Seal
    • Career and Technical Education Seal
    • Board of Education Seal of Advanced Math and Technology
    • Earn a Certificate of completion from NTC.


    High school students may attend NTC if:

    • They are in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade, and attending a Norfolk High School.
    • They are a Norfolk Public Schools graduate who is less than 20 years of age, live in Norfolk, and request a class which has openings.
    • They have a good attendance record.
    • They are a college bound or non-college bound student (NTC accepts both male and female for all classes)
    • They complete an application for the program of their choice through his/her school counselor
    • They meet required pre-requisites for the program

    Adult students may attend NTC if:

    • They are an adult 20 years of age or older, request a class which has an opening, and pay the appropriate tuition.
    • They have a High School Diploma or GED

    Applications are reviewed by the Principal, School Counselor and designee to determine the student’s eligibility. Acceptance to a program depends upon availability of space.  Student who are accepted into a program will be notified by a letter.  


    • If you are a high school student, the only costs to you are your supplies and your work clothes were applicable.
    • Free school bus transportation to and from the five high schools and NTC (students who wish to drive may drive to school) is available.
    • Tuition for adult students accepted to NTC/NPS is set by school administration.  Tuition is subject to change each July 1st

    Other Facts About NTC:

    • Students will attend NTC on an A/B block schedule, spending every other day at NTC and earning three elective credits per year to meet graduation requirements.
    • NTC’s faculty is skilled craftsmen, journeymen from industry, professional businessmen and women, and certified and experienced teachers.

    Norfolk Technical Center Statement of Philosophy

    The philosophy of Norfolk Technical Center is consistent with Norfolk Public Schools’ philosophy and objectives and is in compliance with competency-based education criteria. Norfolk Technical Center (NTC) was established to serve as an extension of each senior high school. Norfolk Technical Center provides a climate conducive to learning that is safe for all involved with a wide variety of occupational programs, which prepare students for entry-level employment in their chosen occupations or for entry into post-secondary education. A mutual spirit of cooperation exists with the home schools and with the community in helping each student achieve his/her potential as an individual, as a citizen, and as a member of the working community.

    NTC Student Handbook

    A. A/B Daily Schedule

    A/B Day Session Early Release Day
    Warning Bell 7:50 a.m. Warning Bell 7:50 a.m.
    Classes Start 8:00 a.m. Classes Start 8:00 a.m.
    First Lunch 10:00-10:30 a.m. First Lunch 9:50-10:15 a.m.
    Second Lunch 10:40-11:10 a.m. Second Lunch 10:25-10:50 a.m.
    Third Lunch 11:20-11:50 a.m. Third Lunch 11:00-11:25 a.m.
    Clean-up Bell 1:20 p.m. Clean-up Bell 11:25 a.m.
    Classes End 1:30 p.m. Classes End 11:35 a.m.

    B. Insurance
    Students are advised to be covered by some type of accident insurance. The activities that students perform in the shop areas, such as working with machinery, should be covered by such insurance. This insurance can be purchased at NTC or at the home schools for a nominal fee.

    C. Accidents and Illness
    All accidents are to be reported to the office in order that an accident report can be filed. If you have an accident in class, be sure to report it to your instructor.  If you become ill, please tell your instructor and then report to the office. One of the office personnel will assist you by calling your home and notifying your parent/guardian.

    D. Cafeteria Services
    Students will be served lunch during three designated time slots depending on their classroom.

    E. Visitors
    Visitors to NTC are welcome throughout the year. We are proud of our programs and facilities. Persons interested in visiting and observing classes at NTC must call for an appointment in order for arrangements to be made. All visitors must report to the office upon arrival. Parental conferences with teachers during the day should be made through the school counselor’s office.

    What NTC Expects From You

    A. Lockers
    Lockers will be assigned to all students by the instructors. Lockers are to be used for safekeeping of shop clothing, tools, cell phones and equipment belonging to you. No school property or tools are to be placed in lockers. Lockers are school property and subject to search.

    B. Locks
    Locks may be purchased through the school from your instructor. Students may use their own lock which they have purchased elsewhere as long as the combination is registered with their instructor and is a Master or American combination lock. As a procedure to aid in prevention of theft from lockers, students are encouraged to spin the combination dial of their locks at least one complete turn after closing them and pull down on both the lock and locker handle. Locker security is the complete responsibility of each student!

    C. Safety
    Safety education is an important part of all curricula. Rules of safety in all classrooms, shops, and laboratories will be strictly enforced. These rules are for the protection of the student and others and will be adhered to at all times. Protective clothing, and goggles and/or safety glasses must be worn in all shops and laboratories where required. All students are expected to dress appropriately for a technical/business environment.

    D. Fire Safety
    Virginia State Law requires that complete fire drill evacuation be carried out periodically. Please comply with the following:

    1. Learn the fire drill procedures for your shop, laboratory, or classroom.
    2. Learn the special fire drill duty assigned to you by your instructor.
    3. Take part in every fire drill in an alert, serious manner.
    4. Know the correct exit for your part of the building (posted in classrooms).

    Remember: The next one may be a real fire!

    E. Books, Supplies, Tools, and Fees
    Classroom sets of textbooks are provided for your use. Books that are loaned to you become your responsibility until they are returned to the proper person. Supplies and small hand tools will be issued periodically. Tools and equipment are all chargeable to you when signed out for your use.

    F. School Property
    Respect for all school property, the grounds, and equipment must be observed at all times. Students will be fined for any abuse for which they are responsible. Cooperation of all students is requested so that we can keep NTC in the best possible condition.

    G. Dress Code
    “In order to ensure that the educational process is conducted in an environment where safety risks, disruptions, and distractions are minimized, all students will adhere to: (1) the standards set forth in the Norfolk Public Schools’ Dress Code; and, (2) any requirements imposed by the individual shops and labs for special safety and health purposes.”

    H. Sound Producing Devices
    Students should not bring radios, tape players, or other sound devices to NTC. There is no time for their use, and they are disturbing the business-like and professional atmosphere created at NTC.

    I. Playing Cards & Games
    Students are restricted from bringing playing cards, games, or other amusement devices to classrooms, cafeteria, or other parts of the school and school grounds because they do not contribute to a desirable professional atmosphere associated with the world of work.

    J. Medical Appointments
    Students are encouraged to have doctors’ appointments made after school hours. When these arrangements cannot be made, students will be released from class only if they bring a note, which has been signed by a parent or guardian requesting early release. Included with this request must be a telephone number where the parent or guardian may be reached for verification of the appointment.


    A. Bus Students

    Bus transportation to and from NTC is provided for students enrolled in any of the senior high schools. Students are picked up and returned to their home schools. Every effort is made, both at the high schools and at NTC, to see that buses do not leave early and consequently cause you to miss your bus. By the same token, it must be stressed that you should adhere to the bus schedules and arrive to board the buses before they leave.

    NTC does not consider missing a bus to be an excusable reason for tardiness and/or absence from school. Neither can NTC be responsible for the return transportation for you if you miss the bus at NTC.

    The rules and regulations below apply to bus students at all times:

    1.     Obey your bus driver at all times.

    2.     Occupy the seat assigned to you and remain in it when the bus is moving.

    3.     Hold all talking to a normal conversational level.

    4.     Do not stand up until the bus has come to a complete stop.

    5.     Observe caution in crossing the street after leaving the bus.

    6.     Be on time, as the bus cannot wait for you.

    B. Non-Transported Students
    Students who drive their own vehicles to NTC are urged to read and observe all speed limits and traffic signs. Student parking is provided in the south parking lot. After parking the vehicle, students should proceed immediately to class.

    C. Parking
    The following rules pertain to those students who drive to school:

    • Students’ cars must be parked in designated student spaces only, not in spaces reserved for visitors and staff.
    • All students are to go to their classes immediately upon arrival.
    • All cars are to be left with windows closed, doors locked, and valuables stored in locked trunks. Students should take what they need to class on the first trip. Students are not allowed to return to cars until dismissal. No one is permitted to sit in cars in the parking lot or to linger around the cars.
    • NTC is not responsible for damage to, or theft from, any vehicle parked in the parking lot.
    • No vehicle is to be parked in the service yard between “B” and “C” wings unless official arrangements have been made to have work performed on the vehicle. Otherwise, all vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.
    • Drivers must wait for their riders in the parking area. Riders may not be picked up and/or discharged in the bus-loading area.
    • Violation of parking and traffic regulations will result in suspension or loss of driving privileges.

    What You Can Do To Be Successful at NTC

    It is up to you! You can have a very successful educational experience at Norfolk Technical Center by having:

    A. Maintain Good Attendance
    Good attendance is of extreme importance. In business and industry, excessive absences would most certainly cause the loss of a job. At NTC, absences cause loss of training. One day’s absence from NTC is the equivalent of three days’ absence from a one-period class in the home school. In most of the programs, work missed is difficult, if not impossible, to make up due to the nature of the programs. So keep your attendance high; it pays dividends in both your class and future.

    B. Have A Good, Cooperative Attitude
    Cultivate a positive attitude -“I can do it.”- and work hard. Be cheerful, pleasant and willing to accept each and every task as a challenge. Be considerate and understanding of the feelings of others. Willingly accept constructive criticism from your instructor and others. Arrive in class prepared to learn.

    C. Take a Serious Approach to Laboratory and Class Work
    You should secure the necessary textbooks, supplies, tools, and materials for your chosen trade immediately. A good student makes up any work missed as a result of tardiness or absence. Strive to develop good study habits in the class. These include: (1) listening attentively, (2) bringing materials to class, and (3) completing lessons and assignments daily. Dress appropriately for a technical/business environment.

    D. Respect for the Rules and Regulations
    By abiding by the rules, your stay at NTC will be enjoyable and trouble-free. The same rules apply at NTC that apply throughout Norfolk Public Schools. The staff at NTC will treat you as an adult; you will be expected to act like an adult. The Code of Student Conduct which you receive at your home school contains those rules which apply to Norfolk Public School students. These rules also apply at NTC. Abide by these rules at all times!


    In accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), this is to inform you that NTC has been formally assessed for asbestos hazard by certified personnel.  In addition, NTC has in place a management plan for controlling this hazardous substance.

    This asbestos management plan is available for your inspection and review.  Should you desire the opportunity to view this document, please make arrangements by calling the principal at 892-3300.