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    The International Studies Program

    The Academy of International Studies at Rosemont focuses on World Languages, World Cultures, and Military Science. The program is designed to stimulate curiosity and love of learning while concentrating on the skills of critical and analytical thinking.
    It is also designed to:

    • Provide students with a strong academic foundation and an international perspective that promotes understanding and appreciation of other countries and their cultures;
    • Foster independence and responsibility, as well as encourage creativity, cooperation, and compassion;
    • Prepare students to live and work more effectively in a world that is becoming increasingly interdependent;
    • Assist students in building a sense of pride, patriotism, self-reliance, discipline, self-esteem, personal honor, integrity, confidence and other qualities which mold strong character and citizenship;
    • Develop students’ strategic thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills through a study of military science.


    The Young Scholars Program

    The mission of the Young Scholars Program is to train highly-motivated, academically gifted middle school students to become autonomous learners.  Through the use of research-based instructional approaches, students are challenged to develop the critical thinking skills and positive habits of mind that sustain a lifetime love of learning.  At the end of their three years in the program, Young Scholars can expect to excel intellectually in high school and college and make significant contributions to society in the years to follow.

    The Autonomous Learner Model, embedded throughout all Young Scholars core courses, has standards that are in addition to the academic standards and curriculum.  These standards are related to the “total” individual rather than skills within a content area.  These standards are applied to provide opportunities for students to become lifelong learners:

    • Develop more positive self-concept and self-esteem.
    • Comprehend your own abilities in relation to self and society.
    • Develop skills to interact effectively with peers, siblings, parents, and other adults.
    • Increase knowledge in a variety of areas.
    • Develop critical and creative thinking skills.
    • Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills.
    • Integrate activities that facilitate the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development.
    • Develop individual passion area(s) of learning.
    • Demonstrate responsibility for own learning, in and out of the school setting.
    • Ultimately, become responsible, creative, independent, lifelong learners.