If you are a part of a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) unit, you are connected to 5 million members. You have the support of local field volunteers, a state office, and a national team of professional and volunteer leaders.

    PTA members pay less than the cost of a cup of coffee in national support to their local unit. When PTA units pay their dues, they get resources, an online database, PTA Kits, access to programs, publications, and cash awards.

    For the past 115 years, PTAs have fostered national parent involvement that has helped to shape some of the biggest education and child health advances in national history. Independent parent groups cannot assemble all the resources to conduct education research or provide analytical data to help create successful parent involvement models for use by schools, school boards, or legislative branches.

    Through the support of its members, National PTA continues to outpace other parent groups in developing resarch and assessment guides and implementing tools to boost parent involvement. PTA proves that parent involvement is crucial to student success and shows how families, schools, and communities work well together.

    National PTA is more than online message boards and distant telephone operators creating a “network” for parent involvement. PTA value comes from being connected to other parents and schools in your community and country. PTA offers an opportunity to join the national discussion about America’s youth with leaders who listen to and engage you. It is a parent group unlike any other where millions come together to improve the lives of all children.

    PTA members are available at the school and community level. Units are run locally to best suit their students. Parent involvement is a phone call or e-mail away.

    PTA members are advocates for all children – most importantly their own.

    Our current officers for the 2016-2017 school year are:
    President: Ms. Ebony Harris
    Vice President: Ms. Darcie Shauf
    Treasurer: Mrs. Elizabeth Miller
    November 16 @ 5:30 Turkey Bingo -Free-Dinner will be served
    December 5th-9th: Little Shoppers Shop
    December 9th: Breakfast with Santa
    Join the PTA! Only $6.00 per member!

    PTA.ORG/JOIN * INFO@PTA.ORG * 1-800-307-4PTA (4782)