• A little history of our school:

    Suburban Park Elementary was a neighborhood school that opened in January of 1955 with 22 classrooms and served first through seventh grades.  The first principal was Frances Whitley.  Fast forward to today and our high expectations remain the same.  We uphold our goals at the highest level: 

    Norfolk Public Schools Mission Statement

    The mission of Norfolk Public Schools, the cornerstone
    of a proudly diverse community, is to ensure that all
    students maximize their academic potential, develop
    skills for lifelong learning and are successful contributors
    to a global society, as distiguished by:

    • Courageous advocacy for all students
    • Family and community investment
    • Data-driven personalized learning
    • Strong and effective leadership teams
    • Shared Responsibility for teaching and learning
    • Access to rigorous and rewarding college and
      career readiness opportunities

    NPS Objectives

    • All students pass local, state and national assessments
      at levels which meet and are continuously progressing
      toward exceeding established standards.
    • All students identify their dreams, and have no limits
      in the pursuit of their fullest potential.
    • All of our students graduate and succeed in their endeavors
      in higher education, the workforce, and/or the community.
    • All of our students are responsible citizens, serve the community,
      and demonstrate the highest ethical standards.