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    The Accelerated Reading Program at Ocean View

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 AR program. It is exciting to see this reading program in full swing again. First through fifth grade students are already accepting their hard-earned certificates for reading achievement during the Friday announcements.

    In the Ocean View family, AR reading is an important part of your child’s homework. Studies show that competent readers are made from students who read often. At the View, we believe just that!

    Knowing that student choice is important to reading success, we adopted the AR program many years ago. This personalized reading program promotes student choice by allowing students to select books of interest that are on their independent reading level. Each day, Ocean View students are given the opportunity to check out AR library books of their choice. They should be reading EVERY night for a minimum of 20 minutes as a part of their reading homework. Students will then come to school prepared to take AR tests on the computer and succeed in meeting their weekly goals.

    Weekly goals are also personalized. Students earn a combination of points from reading books and taking computer quizzes. Goals vary from grade level to grade level and from reading group to reading group. Each student needs to maintain a passing average of 80% or better on AR quizzes to reach a goal.

    Over the course of the year, as students earn their AR levels, they win rewards such as certificates, ribbons, prizes from the prize box, moments of fame on the announcements, and Pizza Hut free pizza coupons. Finally, in June, all students who reach the final level, Classic Dolphin, will be invited to join Dr. Peterson for lunch at the Golden Corral. This is quite an honor for those students who made their goal every week starting in September. Last year we celebrated the reading success of over 130 students.

    I look forward to seeing your child at the Golden Corral this June. Remember: Read and you’ll go far. Be an AR STAR!