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    On March 1, 1937, the Norfolk City Council awarded the contract for Ocean View School to Doyle and Richardson, Richmond contractors, who submitted the low bid of $239,430.  The school opened March 10, 1939, at a final cost of approximately $300,000 which included 22 classrooms, an auditorium, a lunchroom, playground, and all instructional equipment.  Funding was partially through PWA (Public Works Administration), a part of Roosevelt’s New Deal.  In 1949 with an enrollment of 1,000, the school plant received an addition of a 10-room annex.  The construction was of corrugated metal and cost $60,000.

    The school’s opening ceremony was presided over by the principal, Miss Lucy Mason Holt.  Dr. Sidney B. Hall, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, addressed the group.

    Miss Holt enjoyed a reputation for her educational leadership, her humor, and her lack of fear in speaking out for educational improvements.  One of her favorite projects, the “barefoot boy contest”, attracted state and national attention.  The community honored Miss Holt in 1947 with the presentation of a 900-pound bell to the school.  The bell was made by the Meneely Bell Company of Troy, New York, regarded as the country’s foremost maker of fine bells.  For many years the dulcet tones of the bell continued to be heard each morning and evening by the residents of Ocean View.  Although the bell has been inactive for several years due to “out-dated” wiring, we hope it will again, this year, be part of the Ocean View community.

    Miss Holt retired in 1952 and was replaced by S.A. McDonald, who served as principal until 1955.  Harry Carmine assumed the principalship in 1955, followed in 1965 by John Holt East, nephew of the former principal, Lucy Mason Holt.  When Mr. East retired in 1976, Jack G. Thomas was appointed principal and served until his retirement in 1979.  Leverett Trump, who served as principal until 1989, was followed by Faye Uber, who retired in 1999.  Lauren Campsen was the principal from 1999 until 2014, the current principal is, Dr. James Peterson.

    Ocean View Elementary School, which currently houses KG through grade 5, is located not far from beaches, parks, and the Chesapeake Bay.  Our unique geographical location in Norfolk allows access to many academic, cultural, and educational learning activities, and has led to our development as a Maritime Pathway School.For over 60 years, Ocean View Elementary has served the city of Norfolk and specifically the local Ocean View community.  In the spring of 1999 we celebrated our 60th anniversary.  We have shown notable growth and success through the years and our current faculty and staff continue the tradition and look forward to many future years of achievement.


    The potential of our nation lies with our children. Therefore, every student in Ocean View Elementary will be academically challenged and nurtured in a supportive learning environment.


    To achieve our vision, we will strive to ensure proficiency for all students in each subject, and at every grade level.

    School Song

    “Sailing Sailing Out On The Bay”

    by Stephen R. Daley

    Hoist up the sails and feel the wind blow

    It’s time to set sail for Norfolk you know

    There’s a Port tack a blow in’ on the water today.

    It will take us directly to the Chesapeake Bay.


      Sailing Sailing Out on the Bay

    Makes for a wonderful wonderful Day!

    Welcome to Norfolk this port is our home.

    It’s found in Virginia where sailors do roam.

    It’s Hampton Roads Harbor, it’s just off the bay.

    You can see the James River on a very clear day.


    As we sail from the Naval Base headin for shore,

    We hear lots of stories of Naval folklore.

    The Ironclad ships in the harbor that day

    Changed Naval History the sailors all say.


    Down the Elizabeth River from the helm do we steer,

    And from this great harbor we head for the pier.

    The tugboats and barges are moving about

    They work on the river, day in and day out.