• Full STEAM ahead for Chesterfield Cheetahs!

    The mission of Chesterfield Academy, the model school of Science, Technology, Engineering, Applied Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), is to strive for excellence that is focused on improving academic achievement in a challenging and nurturing environment, to develop responsible citizens, and to create life-long learners who are self-assured and socially competent by:

    • Providing rigorous, engaging, and meaningful STEAM opportunities
    • Meeting individual needs while maintaining high expectations
    • Fostering the emotional, social, physical, and intellectual needs of each child
    • Promoting courageous advocacy for all students
    • Implementing data-driven personalized learning
    • Developing strong and effective shared leadership

    Belief Statements

    We believe that a strong foundation in STEAM curriculum will allow our students to be prepared for the rapidly expanding global advances in society.

    We believe each student deserves a high quality education.

    We believe that fostering positive and meaningful relationships is essential to establish environments conducive to learning so that students reach their highest potential.

    We believe that all types of learners, when given the appropriate resources and opportunities, can be successful.

    We believe staff, students, and families can expect and have responsibility for creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and respectful learning environment.

    We believe that our school requires consistent, strong leadership and teamwork to succeed.

    We believe that fostering positive morale in our school is critical.


    • We will be safe, responsible, and respectful in order to maintain an environment conducive to learning.
    • We will work collaboratively to meet all challenges in our pursuit of excellence.
    • We will encourage and respect community input.
    • We will make informed decisions utilizing research and evidence-based best practices.
    • We will expect the best of everyone and honor the worth and integrity of each person.


    1.  All students will acquire and apply the knowledge and skills from a STEAM curriculum and will be able to learn independently using inquiry based methods.

    2.  All students will meet or exceed the proficient score for all assessments.

    3.  All students will meet or exceed grade level performance standards.

    4.  All students will identify, implement, and monitor their goals, progress, and achievement.

    5.  All students will demonstrate responsible, respectful, and safe behaviors.

    6.  All students will be prepared for their next level of education.


    1.  Utilize a consistent, school-wide, systematic program that will be shared by students, staff, and parents to create the best teaching and learning environment for all.

    2.  Recruit and nurture community members for a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) that is functional and vital for home to school relations so that students and families will feel connected to the school.

    3.  Facilitate an environment where staff can connect, collaborate, and build relationships to create a positive work place.

    4.  Develop an informative system of communication that is current and concise to fit the needs of  our school community.

    5.  Solicit community support to enhance the educational advancements of all students.