About Us


    Ghent K-8 School is an open classroom, choice school located in Norfolk’s historic Ghent neighborhood.  At Ghent, we believe that the true measure of a school is not in its building or resources but in the strength and effectiveness of the people who make up the school community. Our focus is to develop students who are highly motivated, mature and self-confident; who possess well-developed personal and social skills and demonstrate excellent learning behaviors. We encourage students to be effective working independently and in teams, always showing support and concern for others.

    Our teaching and support staff are a dedicated and highly professional team with a genuine interest in the educational, physical and emotional well-being and development of each and every child. We aim to provide all students with every opportunity to realize their full potential. We work in close partnership with parents to ensure that all necessary accommodations are in place to meet individual needs.  As soon as you step through the front door and into the reception area at Ghent, you will realize that you are in a real and special center of excellence.