Middle School

  • Start of School Day

    • Students dropped off by parents may not leave the foyer before 7:55 a.m.

    • Students arriving early for help or detention should bring a pass to present in the foyer.

    • Students on early buses must report to their first class of the day immediately and remain there until 7:55.

    • Students going to breakfast may do so between7:55 and 8:15.

    • Appropriate locations for middle school students between 7:55 and 8:15 a.m. 
      • Cafeteria 
      • First class of the day

    Food and Drink

    • Breakfast is to be eaten in the cafeteria only. Food brought with a student from home or a restaurant must also be eaten in the cafeteria. This includes coffee drinks, frappucinos, and smoothies.

    • Students will have a short snack time at the beginning of bell 3/4. The following foods/drinks are not permissible as snacks:
      • Beverages other than water.
      • Greasy foods such as potato chips or pizza
      • Foods requiring a fork, spoon, or knife

    • Parents delivering food must bring it to the cafeteria at lunch time only.


    • Students must not leave the cafeteria unless they have a signed pass OR until picked up by a middle school teacher.

    • Lunch passes must be picked up from a teacher IN ADVANCE. Students will not be permitted to pick up passes immediately before entering the cafeteria.
      • Students will only be admitted to classrooms for which they have a pass during lunch time.
      • Students may not eat lunch in a classroom with no teacher supervision. 
      • Students may not spend lunch time in the media center. No exceptions.


    • All class to class transitions in Community 1 will take place inside the community. Students in the hallway should only be moving to C-5 or the gym.

    • No students should walk through the media center to get to a class. Use the back hallway for all transitions.

    • All students will be escorted to resource by a teacher.

    • Locker times: Before school, before/after lunch or with a teacher signed pass