• Norview Middle School Uniform Requirements  

    Grade Level colors: Grade 6: Pastel Blue Shirts, Grade 7: Pastel Yellow Shirts, Grade 8: White Shirts

    Shirts: Plain Polo style or button down shirts with a collar, long or short sleeve shirts. Students will wear their grade level color shirt. Shirts are to be without designs. Only plain shirts with optional WHITE undershirts/undergarments are acceptable. Students are not allowed to layer shirts with other color shirts or wear shirts with ruffles.

    Pants/Slacks: Navy Blue Solid Color Dress pants only. Jeans or cargo pants are not acceptable. Leggings, skinny jeans, skinny pants, or pants that resemble skinny jeans are not acceptable. Pants must have a loose fit.

    Skirts/Skorts: Navy Blue Solid Color ONLY. Pleated, kick pleated, or a-line skirts are acceptable. Length MUST meet NPS regulations (finger tip length}. Spandex, pencil skirts, or layered skirts are not acceptable. No leggings can be worn under skirts.

    Jumpers: Navy Blue jumpers may be worn with the appropriate grade-level colored shirt.

    Sweater/Jackets: Sweaters that will be worn in classrooms must be blue, black, or white and cannot have a hood attached. No designs, patterns, or writing is acceptable. Students are not permitted to wear outside coats and jackets in the classroom. In addition all sweaters worn must allow the grade level shirt collar to be visible at all times.

    Jewelry: Earrings may not be longer/wider than two inches. Students are not allowed to wear long hanging chains or beads. No scarves or bandanas permitted as headwear or as an accessory.

    All students MUST be appropriately dressed in uniform prior to entering the school building. (Remove slides, layers of sweatpants, etc. ... )

    All Clothing, Accessories, and Jewelry must meet Norview Middle School's Uniform Policy requirements as well as Norfolk Public Schools dress regulations as described in the NPS Student Code of Conduct. Students are not permitted to wear clothing or accessories that display drugs, violence, inappropriate acts, etc. ...

    **When issued dress down passes for the date specified on the written pass, students may not wear ripped or torn clothing, inappropriate footwear (not fully enclosed), exposed backs/stomachs, etc. ... Students MUST be in compliance with NPS dress code policy even when out of Norview Middle School uniform!**


    Norview Uniform Policy Enforcement

    1.All students and parents will be required to sign a uniform policy code acknowledging they have been given a copy of Norview Middle School Dress Code Policy.

    2.When violations occur, students will be allowed to call the parents/guardians to bring the proper attire before returning to the scheduled class.

    3.If parent/guardian is unavailable or cannot provide the proper attire, all attempts will be made to accommodate the student with items from the clothes closet. All items borrowed from the clothes closet are to be returned the next school day. It should be noted that these items are a privilege not a right or expectation. There is no guarantee that we will always have your child's size or colored shirt available each and every day.

    4.If a dress code violation cannot be corrected, the student will be assigned to ISD for the school day to complete their work.

    5.A uniform policy violation log will be kept; the third violation will result in a referral for Saturday School upon the 4th violation.

    Uniforms may be purchased locally at the following stores:
    J.C. Penney Roses Rainbow Kids Kmart Sears Burlington Gallo, Target and Walmart

    Uniforms may be purchased online at:
    J.C. Penney, French Toast, K-mart, Sears, Dillard’s, Target and Walmart