History of Sherwood Forest Elementary School

  • Sherwood Forest Elementary School

    Sherwood Forest School was completed and opened in September 1957 at a cost of  $531,000.   The school had 24 classrooms and was intended to house 720 pupils.  During the first few years Sherwood Forest had an enrollment of more than 900 pupils.  Consequently, first and second grade students attended in shifts.

    The first principal was Harold K. Taylor.  Mr.  Taylor and the entire staff of Broad Creek Elementary were transferred to Sherwood Forest when the Broad Creek School Plant was scheduled for demolition.

    Initially, Sherwood Forest housed students in grades 1-7.  In 1968 the seventh grade students were transferred to Norview Junior High School.  In 1970, with the advent of city wide integration,  Sherwood was paired with Titus Elementary School and become a primary school housing grades 1-4.  When kindergarten classes were added to Sherwood students in grade 4 also began attending Titus Elementary.  In 1973, the school was paired with Gatewood (a former Norfolk Public School).

    Harold K.  Taylor served the school for 21 years and because of illnesses was replaced by acting principal, Ann Madison, during the 1978-79 term.  Mrs. Barbara Rayfield was named principal in 1979.

    Upon Mrs. Rayfield’s retirement prior to the 1986-87 school year, Mr. N. George Boothby was appointed principal.  In 1988 a ten-room annex was added to the school.  On July 1, 1991, Mrs.  Martha Cannon became principal and Sherwood Forest was selected as one of five schools to participate in a pilot program for school-based management.  Upon Mrs. Cannon’s retirement, Mr. Charles Stevenson was  appointed as  principal in 1995.   Upon Mr.  Stevenson’s retirement, Mr.  Louis Page was appointed principal effective July 1, 1997.  During Mr. Page’s leadership, Sherwood Forest received several capital improvements  such as new auditorium ceiling and floor, an electrical upgrade and improved technology.  After 5 successful years at Sherwood Forest, Mr.  Page was promoted to principal of Norview Middle School in 2002.  Dr.  Christine Harris became the new principal during 2002-2006.  Then  Julie Vanidestine became principal during the 2006-2007 school year. Cheryl Jordan became principal 2007 to present.