• Easton Preschool Belief Statements:

    -We believe that every child is a unique individual worthy of respect

    -We believe in the importance of family participation in early education both at home and at school

    -We believe that all staff members play a vital role in early education

    -We believe in establishing reciprocal partnerships that allow our children to both contribute to and receive support from the community

    -We believe in the development of the whole child

    -We believe in maintaining an environment where children feel physically and emotionally safe

    -We believe in encouraging students to take risks in order to develop their independence and self confidence

    -We believe in high expectations for all students

    -We believe in developmentally appropriate instruction

    -We believe in fostering communication skills through a language rich environment

    -We believe in creating opportunities for students with disabilities to interact with their typically-developing peers

    -We believe in highly differentiated, evidence based instruction to meet individual needs and goals

    -We believe that a love of school begins in preschool


    Easton Preschool Promotes Early Learning For All Students

    Our early childhood programs provide opportunities for students participating in general and special education to:

    • Improve school readiness
    • Increase self-esteem
    • Develop independence and a spirit of inquiry
    • Acquire and demonstrate language, literacy, and problem solving skills  
    • Experience a safe, secure emotional environment that supports the inclusion of all children
    • Learn developmentally-appropriate skills in a supportive atmosphere
    • Demonstrate their learning through on-going assessment and teacher data collection