About Us

  • Norfolk Educational Transition Academy (NET) is a State Operated Program that provides educational services for students meeting Title I criteria as neglected and delinquent youth. NET students come from all surrounding school districts, since the site the youth is detained in is determined by where the youth committed the crime. Therefore, all students being detained being detained at the Norfolk Juvenile Detention Center have committed a crime in Norfolk. The NET Academy teaching staff are all certified teachers in their respective content areas. Our facility follows the pacing guides and curriculum established by Norfolk Public Schools, and we offer a continuum of course offerings along with an ISAEP program for students who want to pursue their GED. Since we are a GED testing site, we also offer several vocational options both for hands on and online opportunities.

    The students we serve at NET Academy may fall into four categories: Pre-disposition students (those awaiting trial), the average stay may be 20 to 30 days; Post-Dispositional students (those who have been committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice, but serve their sentence at NJDC), the average stay may be from 4 to 6 months. Re-entry students (those returning from being detained in a Department of Juvenile Justice facility), the average stay may be from 2 to 4 months. Finally, we provide educational services to students waiting to be transported to a Department of Juvenile Corrections facility. The average stay may be from 2 to 4 months. At any one time, our student population may be comprised of 20 to 40 percent special education students. Most of those students are classified as having an emotional disability, so behavioral issues are a major part of what needs to dealt with along with academic concerns.