• About Madison

    Madison School serves Norfolk Public Schools' students in grades 6 through 12, as well as those in the Intensive Probation & Parole Program [IPP] and Individual Student Alternative Education Program [GED]. 

    Madison provides differentiated instruction in academic areas and in social skills for students receiving general and special education, in addition to supplemental instructional technology-based programs, after-school tutoring, and on-going individualized assistance and support. Students attend grade level classes in core content and elective areas in addition to a full year social skills class scheduled for all students.


    Madison's History

    Madison has a rich history of service to the Lamberts Point community and Norfolk Public Schools. Established in 1919 as an elementary school, the Madison facility has also served as a junior high school and a career center. Selected as the site for Norfolk’s alternative school in the early 1990’s, Madison has provided students in grades six through twelve with an opportunity to continue their education outside of the home school setting. During the previous three school years, Madison has served an average of six hundred students annually, to include students enrolled in a GED preparation program.

    Madison has a highly trained and fully certified instructional staff, providing data-driven core instruction and selected elective classes aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning and the NPS curriculum. Additional student support is provided through mentoring, differentiated and small group instruction, special education services, daily social skills classes, counseling services, SOL, SAT, and ACT test preparation, student safety nets, and a structured behavior change program.  Madison’s skilled and dedicated staff provides opportunities for enrichment for all students through community-based field trips, participation in career exploration and college fairs, interaction with motivational speakers, and ongoing recognition assemblies.