Technology Requirements

  • Virtual Scholars students will be required to have reliable access to a computer with a built-in microphone, camera, and internet. Access to these pieces of technology will enable students to remain successful while learning in a virtual environment. If reliable access to these technologies is unavailable, you will need to inform your child's teacher and the VSA administration immediately, so that a Chromebook and/or MiFi Hotspot can be provided free of charge. 

                Reliable internet and a computer are two components to a successful year in VSA. Depending on your child’s age and learning ability, the following items, although not required, may prove to be vital to their success:

    • Additional Headphones
    • Additional Microphone
    • Printer
    • Mouse
    • Additional webcam
    • Speakers

    The above items are optional and at the discretion of the Learning Coach (parent/guardian). These items are not an exhaustive list, and additional technology may be incorporated to support your child’s learning.

    If your child loses access to reliable internet or a computer, it is the Learning Coach's (parent's/guardian's) responsibility to communicate with the VSA teacher and administration.

    Failure to communicate any technical issues may result in failing grades since your child will be unable to complete online assignments. 

    Students must have access to Canvas, Virtual Virginia, and Zoom on their computers. Norfolk Public Schools provides students with Chromebooks. These devices can access all three necessary platforms. To ensure your child is able to participate in Zoom sessions and other online activities, they will need access to a microphone and camera. Most Chromebooks have built-in cameras and microphones. Please ensure your child’s computer has the following:

    • a camera
    • a microphone
    • Canvas
    • Virtual Virginia
    • Zoom

                Although smartphones are a convenient means of communication and access to resources, it is not recommended students use these devices for online learning. Instead, you and your child can use a smartphone to:

    • Check Canvas for grades
    • Check Synergy Parent VUE
    • Communicate with your VSA teacher
    • If you or your child have additional questions on technology requirements for Virtual Scholars Academy, please contact your child’s teacher or administration.