St. Helena Elementary: Educating a 21st Century Generation

  • Welcome to St. Helena Elementary School!

    A student handbook has been prepared as a ready source of information for students and parents.  The information presented will enable you to answer many of the routine questions you may have with regard to daily procedures at St. Helena. All students are given a handbook at the beginning of the year at St. Helena, or upon registration. We have also posted information about important topics below. Click on any of the listed topics for detailed information.

    At St. Helena, teaching and learning is our number one priority.  In order to do this, we need you to support our Positive Behavior Intervention System.  Our three main goals are (1) Be Respectful (2) Be Responsible (3) Be Safe.  We believe that good discipline is the foundation of a good instructional program.  Therefore, we expect your child to follow all school rules daily so that every student will have a successful day.