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    Jacox Continuous School Improvement Plan

    Our school hours begin at 9:55 a.m. for students and closes at 4:20 p.m. Students are not permitted to enter the building before 9:30 a.m. If your child arrives prior to 9:30 a.m., there is no supervision provided. Students will not be released to parents after 4:00 p.m. The last twenty minutes of the day is very important in providing closure for our students. All students will be walked out by their teachers beginning at 4:20 p.m., arrangements can be made for students regularly picked up by a parent or guardian from the gymnasium at 4:20 p.m. Under no circumstances will a bus rider be given permission to walk home, ride a different bus, or go home with another parent unless a written and signed note is sent from home. Students who walk will not be allowed to ride the bus. Students are expected to go directly home unless there is an after school activity. If you need to drop your child off earlier or pick them up later, the Before & After Care information is available in the main office.Absences/Tardiness The Virginia Truancy Policy states: If a student in any grade (kindergarten through 12) has seven unexcused absences during the school year, court proceedings will be initiated. Excessive tardiness can also lead to court proceedings. If your child is absent, a note must be sent upon their return to school. Norfolk Public Schools’ Attendance Policy states: If a high school student has excused or unexcused absences ten (10) days in a semester, then the student will fail. If an elementary student has twenty (20) excused or unexcused absences, then the student will not be promoted to the next grade. There is an appeals process for all grades levels.


    Admissions Students are admitted to Kindergarten in Norfolk Public Schools if they are five years of age on or before September 30th. Requirements to attend Norfolk Public Schools: 1. Birth Certificate – must be the ORIGINAL – no copies 2. School physical – signed by physician within 12 month 3. Social Security Number 4. Three doses of DPT, with 1 dose given after the 4th birthday 5. Three doses OPV, with 1 dose given after the 4th birthday 6. Two MMR shots -(one) prior to 1st day, (two) prior to 6 years of age 7. TB skin test within 12 months 8. Address Verification (ex: lease, Virginia power bill) The student will not be officially enrolled until all requirements have been met. We have a Notary Public on site.

    Lunch & Breakfast This year all parents will need to complete a lunch application. If you do not complete a form or if you are not approved, your child will have to pay for breakfast and lunch. The cost of lunch per day is: $1.70 The cost of breakfast per day is: $0.90. Various cookies and ice cream snacks are available daily for students to purchase. The Jacox Cafeteria Manager can be contacted at: 628-2439. The Cafeteria Manager is Mrs. Ray.

    Dress Code Policy Jacox Elementary School has a mandatory school uniform policy. This is the second year this policy is in place. The policy has been approved by the School Board and is enforced. If your child transfers into Jacox, you will have until the 4th of the following month to comply with the uniform policy. For example if you child enrolls on January 20th they must be in uniform on or before February 4th. The uniform for Jacox consists of the following: Boys: · White or light blue uniform shirt (T-shirts are not uniform shirts) (Polo or dress shirts are permitted ) · Navy Slacks or shorts (Navy is the only acceptable color for slacks) · A belt is required · We do not have a requirement for shoes Girls: · White or light blue uniform blouse (T-shirts are not uniform shirts) (Polo shirts are also permitted) · Navy pants, skorts, jumpers, skirts or shorts are permitted (Navy is the only acceptable color for the above listed items) · A belt is required on slacks that have loops · We do not have a requirement for shoes Acceptable Friday Dress: · Option 1: Regular School Uniform · Option 2: Jacox T-shirt and uniform bottom · Option 3: Jacox T-shirt and Blue Jeans or Gray sweat pants · A uniform shirt with Blue Jeans or Gray sweat pants IS NOT acceptable. What Happens if your child is OUT OF UNIFORM? A uniform will be provided for the day only. Your child will change into the uniform for the day and then return the uniform at the end of the school day. A form will be sent home notifying the parent/guardian that the child was out of uniform. If a child is out of uniform three or more documented times; he/she will be signed up for Saturday Detention.

    Safety It is very important for all parents and visitors to stop by the office to get a pass. This will allow the office to know who is in the building, so we can ensure the safety of our students. We love having you visit us on a regular basis and look forward to seeing you throughout the year, not just at special events.

    Bus Safety Students are expected to exhibit a proper mode of behavior on the school bus at all times. Misbehavior, fighting or disobeying the bus driver can endanger the lives and safety of the student misbehaving and the other students on the bus. School bus drivers may recommend suspension of bus transportation for a student who will not follow their warning regarding behavior. When a student is removed from the bus, it is the responsibility of his/her parents to provide transportation to and from school.

    Walking Students All walking students are expected to walk home as soon as school is dismissed. If you are going to pick up your child, please be here at the dismissal time, which is 4:20 p.m. The school does not have the facilities for the supervision of your child after dismissal. If your child remains at school after the dismissal time, the school has the right to get the authorities involved. We know emergencies can arise, so please call so we can assist you in times of crisis.

    Halls Students will be expected to have a pass every time they leave the classroom. Students are expected to walk quietly on the right side of the hall at all times.

    Report Cards – Informal Progress Reports Informal Progress Reports are distributed at four-week intervals. Report Cards are distributed in nine-week intervals. You should also expect weekly updates from your child’s teacher on both behavior and academics. This should come in the plastic colored folder every Thursday. Your child’s progress should never come as a surprise to you.

    What Is Expected Of You As A Student? Students will stay on task and follow directions at all times Students will cooperate with teachers and other adults at all times Students will take good care of materials and supplies. Students will respect all teachers and students Students must remember that the things they do reflect their home, school and self at all times.

    What Is Expected Of You As A Parent? Parents will stress the importance of good behavior in getting a good education Parents will set high expectations with students and provide recognition when appropriate Parents will communicate regularly with their child’s teacher. Parents will attend academic meetings & activities to support learning Vision Norfolk Public Schools will become a World-Class system by advancing individual and organizational excellence supported by a community of learners. All staff, parent and community members will demonstrate high expectations for themselves and each child served.

    Additional Norfolk Public School information & policies can be found on the District’s website at: Norfolk Public Schools



    Jacox Elementary School bears the namesake of Professor David Gilbert Jacox. Professor Jacox was a prominent 20th century pioneer in education, law, and ministry in Virginia. Professor Jacox was born in Perquimane County, North Carolina, in 1870.  In 1877, David and his parents moved  to Norfolk, Virginia.

    On August 8, 1900, Professor Jacox married Miss Ida W. Dean of West Norfolk. Their only child, a daughter named Aloise Juanita Jacox, was educated in the Norfolk Public schools. Professor Jacox organized the first library at his Alma Mater, Norfolk, Mission College, now known as Norfolk State University. In the early years of his career as an educator, Professor Jacox served as principal of: West Norfolk Public School, Barboursville Public School later known as John Thomas West Public School, and Jacox Junior High School (1902-1946).  He was the first principal of Booker T. Washington High School when it was located on the site of Paul L. Dunbar School.

    Jacox Elementary School, formerly, known as Jacox Junior High School, built in 1949, exists as a result of Professor Jacox’s request to the School Board, of that day,  to build a better and larger school with modern conveniences for the Black students, and to have the school bear the name of, “Jacox.”   The School Board granted Professor Jacox’s request to build a 32 room school building and to name the school in honor of Professor Jacox.

    Professor Jacox earned his A.B. Degree from Virginia Union University, L.L.B. from McKinley Law School, Chicago, Illinois, and a Business Accountant Degree, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    Today and everyday at Jacox Elementary School, we strive to preserve and personify in all our teaching and learning experiences, the dignity and the integrity of Professor David Gilbert Jacox.