Jacox Elementary School bears the namesake of Professor David Gilbert Jacox. Professor Jacox was a prominent 20th century pioneer in education, law, and ministry in Virginia. Professor Jacox was born in Perquimane County, North Carolina, in 1870.  In 1877, David and his parents moved  to Norfolk, Virginia.

    On August 8, 1900, Professor Jacox married Miss Ida W. Dean of West Norfolk. Their only child, a daughter named Aloise Juanita Jacox, was educated in the Norfolk Public schools. Professor Jacox organized the first library at his Alma Mater, Norfolk, Mission College, now known as Norfolk State University. In the early years of his career as an educator, Professor Jacox served as principal of: West Norfolk Public School, Barboursville Public School later known as John Thomas West Public School, and Jacox Junior High School (1902-1946).  He was the first principal of Booker T. Washington High School when it was located on the site of Paul L. Dunbar School.

    Jacox Elementary School, formerly, known as Jacox Junior High School, built in 1949, exists as a result of Professor Jacox’s request to the School Board, of that day,  to build a better and larger school with modern conveniences for the Black students, and to have the school bear the name of, “Jacox.”   The School Board granted Professor Jacox’s request to build a 32 room school building and to name the school in honor of Professor Jacox.

    Professor Jacox earned his A.B. Degree from Virginia Union University, L.L.B. from McKinley Law School, Chicago, Illinois, and a Business Accountant Degree, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    Today and everyday at Jacox Elementary School, we strive to preserve and personify in all our teaching and learning experiences, the dignity and the integrity of Professor David Gilbert Jacox.