Instructional Focus

Schoolwide Focus:  Student Engagement

Instructional Focus Statement:  Stakeholders at Granby High School will collaborate to ensure that all students receive engaging and challenging academic experiences, aligned to subject-specific standards.  Student progress will be measured daily through engaging activities, strategic writing tasks, and/or effective communication and justification of answers to help improve critical thinking.  

Schoolwide SMARTe Goal: By the end of the 2020-2021 school year, ALL Granby students will show at least a 10% growth in critical thinking and communication skills as measured by local, state, and program-specific assessments. Additionally, by focusing on student engagement, chronic absenteeism and dropout rates will improve by one level as measured by the VDOE accreditation system.

Student Statement: As Granby Comets we take an active role in our learning so we will reach our full potential.