SOL Spring Writing Transparency Statement

SOL Testing Transparency Statement

Norview High School

Norfolk Public School’s district Standards of Learning (SOL) upcoming test window is listed below.  Each school selects their testing dates within the division window.  Be advised, all dates are subject to change due to circumstances.  

  • Spring Writing (English 11-High School): March 4-22 and HS Term Grad 2nd Attempt: April 15-19

SOL tests measure achievement of the Virginia Standards of Learning in grades 3 through End-of-Course (high school).  In addition, at the End-of-Course level SOL tests are required to verify credit for graduation.  The SOL tests continue to be required to administer in a face-to-face setting.   All will be administered online, unless otherwise indicated via a school committee.

Families will be notified of results through the online Parent Portal provided by VDOE for all tests except Writing.  The Parent Portal is a system that will allow parents to log in to see their child’s test scores.  Scores will be available in the Parent Portal and available in ParentVUE.  Claim codes and Score reports will be available in ParentVUE under documents.  Use the Claim Code to see scores and specific skills performed well and those which additional support may be needed in the Parent Portal. 


Below is Norview High School’s testing schedule for the writing test window:

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If your student continues to be learning in a virtual environment, you will be contacted by school staff to discuss individual test dates. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s participation in SOL testing, please contact Dr. Smith, Assistant Principal, at your child’s school.

Norview High School

6501 Chesapeake Blvd • Norfolk, Virginia 23513

Main Office Phone: (757) 852-4500 • fax: (757) 852-4511

Dr. Tori Jacobs-Sumbry, Principal

ParentVUE Documents Tab – Student Testing Reports

Steps to Access:

  1. Sign in to ParentVUE
  2. Click on Documents
  3. A screenshot of a computerDescription automatically generatedSelect the document to view (description below)


Document Category


Anticipated Upload Timeframe

Claim Codes

A document with the code and information needed to access the Parent Portal to see Growth, SOL, &/or VAAP test reports/scores throughout the testing window.

Within first week of division testing window.


A student detail by question (SDBQ) report with a student’s Growth, SOL &/or VAAP test scores and the accuracy they answered questions asked on their test.

2 weeks after division testing window closes

Access for ELLs

A score report for any English Learner who participated in the Access for ELLS assessment. This assessment is an English Language Proficiency assessment.

Last week of school

PBA (Performance Based Assessment)

A rubric report reflecting PBA results throughout the year.

Last week of school

VVAAS (Virginia’s Visualization and Analytics Solution)

A report reflecting student performance over time as of the spring test administration on the previous school year. 


    *The division assessment calendar can be found on the Norfolk Public Schools website.