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CTE Makes Its Mark at the 2021 Great Computer Challenge

On May 15, 2021, students participating in the NORSTAR program at Norfolk Technical Center participated in the 36th Annual Great Computer Challenge. This year's challenge, a joint project by WHRO, the Consortium for Interactive Instruction and Old Dominion University, was a virtual competitive opportunity for students in K-12th grade to demonstrate their knowledge of various computer applications and programming skills.   

Below are the results of the 2021 Great Computer Challenge:

2021 Great Computer Challenge  


Desktop Presentation Level 4 NTC 1st Place  

Harlem Wright: 10th grade: BTW 

Gwen Garcia: 10th grade: NHS 

Ellana Coluna: 10th grade: GHS 

Seth Magnuson: 12th grade: NHS 

Kyleen Haynes: 12th grade: MHS

Graphic Design Level 4 NTC 2nd Place  

Keamari McQueen: 10th grade: MHS 

Beckam Potoczny: 10th grade: MHS 

Samantha Mowery: 10th grade: NHS 

Amilyn Estes: 10th grade: GHS 

Aidan Ward: 10th grade: NHS 


Programing Object Oriented Level 4 NTC 3rd Place NTC  

Avery Persinger: 11th grade: GHS 

Rylan Spearbeck: 10th grade: GHS 

Frank Ramos: 10th grade: NHS 

Trey Borte: 10th grade: NHS 

**All students who placed at Level 4 are in the NORSTAR program.

Desktop Publishing Level 2 Crossroads K8 Schools 2nd Place  

Desktop Presentation Level 2 Crossroads K8 Schools 1st place