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Granby HS Girls in STEM Win 2021 FIRST Tech Chesapeake Starter Kit Challenge

On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, the Granby HS Girls In STEM (formerly Engineering) Team for winning the 2021 FIRST Tech Chesapeake Starter Kit Challenge.  The team competed against teams from other divisions in Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland.
For the FIRST Tech Chesapeake Starter Kit Challenge, teams developed training/outreach resources for New Teams.  Their content creation for new teams showed how to get up and running and what to expect in a typical year. The award was based upon content, clarity, artistic merit, and originality.
As part of the live streamed awards ceremony, seniors on the team, Angela Navalta, Nora Wilkerson, and Isabella Winston, were recognized during the Senior Celebration and Wrap-up.