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Granby HS' FBLA Hosts Virtual Career Fair

On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, the Granby High School FBLA sponsored a Virtual Career Fair, including vendors from across Hampton Roads. The event lasted from 9:00 am to 12:45 with sessions which lasted about 45-minutes each. 
Students in FBLA coordinated the event creating flyers, Google Forms and securing guest speakers. Hats off to Shawna Alston, Yvonne Boadi, Victoria Sullivan, Nolan Russell, Roger Zhen and Anthony Urena for working hard to plan and pull this Virtual Career Day off without any major issues!
Venders inlcluded were Chartway Federal Credit Union, Chic-fil-a, Autobell, and McDonald's. Below you will find each presenters topics of focus:
Chartway Federal Credit Union: Mrs. Lisa Deubler, Talent Aquisition Specialist, discussed scholarships and "look-fors" in employees.
Chic-fil-A:  Mrs. Searless, Manager at one of the local restaurants, discussed the application process. A student attendee shared her experience.
Autobell: Mr. Verma discussed his pathway in the business, the history of the 52 year company, Covid restrictions, scholarships, and wages.
McDonald's: Mr. Mayer, Franchise Owner, discussed his 20 years as an owner, who McDonald's is as a brand, how ownership translates to real estate, reasons to own a franchise, and the meaning of "World Class".
The sessions were very engaging, allowing students to ask questions in the chat and verbally.  Many students walked away with VALUABLE information!
Kudos to all those involved!