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NTC Made a Difference

On Saturday, October 26th, the “Making Strides” Breast Cancer Walk was held at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach! NTC Pharmacy students, Nursing Level 1 AND Nursing Level 2 were given the task to be  “Think Pink” CHEERLEADERS supporting the FIGHT against breast cancer!! Students cheered on over 5,000 breast cancer survivors, family teams honoring those who passed away of breast cancer and individuals who are currently receiving treatment. NTC was one of the largest cheer teams!

NTC students expressed their excitement and fulfillment after participating in this community service event!

Alongside the students, many stakeholders donated their time in support. Mr. Howard (Automotive Technology Teacher) , Mrs. Jones (NTC Welding Teacher), Mr. Woodhouse (NTC Teacher Assistant) , Mrs. Elizabeth Britt-Kelly (Cosmetology Teacher), Mrs. Wright (Practical Nursing 1 Teacher ) Mrs. Villarete (Practical Nursing 2 Teacher) and Miss Destiny Williams (NTC Evening Secretary) were all present, cheering and representing NTC. A SPECIAL Thank YOU to you all!!

Other teachers wanted to HELP with the success of the walk, but could not make it on Saturday. Thank YOU Mr. Jordan Crawford (Carpentry Teacher) for painting over 100 rocks PINK for breast cancer survivors we honored on Saturday!

Our NTC Partners “Gentlemen in White Coats” from Hampton University School of Pharmacy also came to walk side by side with NTC students and faculty to support our students and Making Strides!

Let’s Continue to Make a DIFFERENCE NTC!!   Enjoy Pictures!!


NTC1  NTC Pharmacy Students!


NTC2  Nursing Students, along with Ms. Stokes, aiding volunteers!


NTC  Practical Nursing 1 students cheering on walkers!


NTC4  NTC Nursing 2 cheering for participants!


NTC5  NTC teachers are ready!


NTC6  NTC Parmacy parents and grandparents volunteering with us!


NTC7  NTC Parmacy parents and grandparents volunteering with us!