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Make An Appointment

The district is allowing for parents and students to make appointments to come to the school to pick-up medication, withdraw students, and pick-up personal items. You may also use this as a time to drop-off library books or other school items no longer needed. Medication pick-ups will have a priority. It is not necessary to schedule an appointment for ADL's Packet Pick-up or to drop off completed work. There are bins located in front of the school by grade level with packets in them or a blue bin to drop off completed material - Available 24 hours. Students who need additional instructional material such as a novel or textbook must make an appointment.

Appointment hours are only Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00am-2:00pm and by appointment only.
Each visitor is limited to 1 guest. Each visit is limited to 30 minutes. Additional time will be granted for families with multiple children at ADL.

At this time refunds for previously paid items will not be available.


You can make an appointment HERE