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Reading eBooks on Destiny Discover Instructions

NPS eBook Access at Home

NPS has over 500 eBooks available to students. Follow the instructions below to access these eBooks. Questions or suggestions should be sent to Monica Morgan


Destiny Discover Intructions

1.    Click on your student’s LCE building below.

TARPON (2-5)-

NANCY (PreK-1)-

2.    Log in with your student username and password or with the generic username and password below. You cannot check out, highlight, or save any books with the generic username and password.

Reminder- The infinity sign means unlimited copies of the same book, and IN or OUT is only one copy and tells if it is available for opening or checkout.

Username- npsstudent

Password- student

3.    You can now search at the top for eBooks, Lightbox, Audiobooks, or Interactive eBooks. Choose a book to checkout.

4.    Make a selection. Click CHECKOUT and then OPEN.

5.    Click CLOSE BOOK to choose another book. Click RETURN if you are done with this book.

6.    Destiny Discover eBooks are available all day and on the weekends!