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NPS Board of Education Student Member Application

Board of Education Student Member Selection Process

In the spring of each school year, the Superintendent appoints one high school Junior/rising Senior to serve the Board of Education for a one-year term for the following school year. The student member functions as an advisory member of the Board and does not have voting rights. The student is not able to participate in closed sessions.   This regulation outlines the selection process and contains a copy of the application.

Eligibility Any student who is a Norfolk High School Junior/rising Senior, and who will be enrolled in good standing in the twelfth grade in the up-coming school year may apply.

Term of Office The Student Member will serve a one-year term from August 1 through July 31st of that school year term.

Initial Screening Student’s may download an application from the NPS website or pick up an application from their school counselor. Students must submit their application by the identified deadline and sign the Statement of Understanding for the selection process to their respective High School.   Immediately after the application deadline an AD-Hoc Screening Committee at each high school will consider all applications received and select two semifinalists from among the applicants. The committee will review each application holistically, selecting two semifinalists who reflect the best cross-section from the pool of outstanding students who apply. The decision of the screening committee is final. Applicants will not receive evaluations nor will their application materials be returned.

The two students selected from each high school will then be presented to the NPS Office of the Superintendent. The Superintendent will then form an AD-Hoc Screening Committee to review the applications and to interview each of the semifinalists.   Three finalists will be selected and forwarded to the Superintendent. The superintendent will then interview the three finalists.   Following the interviews, one of the finalists will be recommended to the Board of Education by the Superintendent to be the Student Member of the Norfolk Board of Education.

NPS Student Representative to the School Board
Time-line for student selection process for 2019-2020 school year


March 22                    Application posted to district/school websites, hard copy in guidance office.

April 24                       Application deadline for student participation in selection process.

April 29 – May 2         Interviews at each High School.

May 3                          Two names submitted to Executive Director’s office from each High School.

Week of May 13         Semi-finalists notified of interview date/time/location at central office.

Week of May 13         Interviews for each semi-finalist.

May 17                        Three finalist names submitted to the Superintendent.

Week of May 20-24    Superintendent interviews the three finalists.

June TBA                     Superintendent makes recommendation to the Board of Education.

June TBA                     Board of Education takes action to accept Superintendent’s recommendation.


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