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Middle School Winter Athletics and Activities

Middle School Winter Athletics and Activities have begun! Welcome to our boy and girl athletes in volleyball, wrestling and the Scholastic Bowl.

Below you will find components of our plan to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while encouraging participation in these activities.

  1. First, please vaccinate your children aged 12 and older! It is the safest, most effective way to prevent illness and limit the spread of the virus.
  2. Face coverings: Athletes may wear a face covering when involved in activity.
  3. Volleyball practices: coaches will provide time between practices to clean and sanitize.
    1. Hand Sanitizer and wipes must be out and available
    2. Practice gear will be cleaned daily
    3. Locker room use: change and exit
    4. Game Day: Travel in warmups/uniforms. Limit locker room use to decrease time in enclosed space.
  4. Wrestling:
    1. Provide plenty of ventilation, open doors in the room.
    2. Clean mats prior to and after each practice and match
    3. Hand sanitizer and wipes must be out and available
    4. Clean gear every day.
    5. Game Day: Travel in warmups/uniforms. Limit locker room use. Weigh in area must be in open space with limited numbers during the weigh procedure. (e.g., no more than 3 wrestlers at a time. Socially distance while waiting to step onto the scale.)
  5. Scholastic Bowl:
    1. Practice sessions: Ensure all participants wear masks. Social distance the team members in the classroom.
    2. Matches: Masks are required. Teams should be social distanced from each other. (Three feet apart from team members and 15 feet from opposing team). The reader should be 6 feet apart from each team.
  6. Daily Screening: Continue with symptom check and temperature reading. Maintain roster each day for those attending practice and events.

  7. Social Distancing: Coaches need to enforce distancing of six feet or more when athletes are not active. Monitor locker rooms. No large groups. Face coverings at all times.

  8. Bus Rules: Review bus rules. Face coverings/windows cracked/assigned seating

  9. Coaches: Must model and enforce the expectations daily.

  10. ALL COACHES -- paid and volunteer -- must be fully vaccinated by January 3rd.

  11. Fan Attendance for Home Events:

  12. Volleyball/Wrestling: Spectators limited to 30% capacity of your gym. All tickets will be purchased at the door. Team benches are socially distanced. Players must have assigned seats.  All fans/staff/coaches must be MASKED during the entire event. If necessary we will revisit fan attendance later in the season. 
  1. Scholastic Bowl: No spectators. Only players/coaches and reader/Scorer