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Norfolk Public Schools’ Student Publishes First Book, Second One in the Works

NORFOLK, VA – Cameren White just turned 11 years old and already has published a book, is working on a second, paints and sells her one-of-a-kind masterpieces, and designs her own jewelry and clothing. This is all in addition to the sixth grader’s honors coursework at the Academy of International Studies at Rosemont and her countless civic and extra-curricular activities.

Cameren wrote Coconut Saves the Day: The COVID Monster in just five hours. When Cameren found out that her book was getting published, she was beyond excited! “My inspiration for my book is the fact that so many people lost loved ones to COVID-19. It was a huge life changer for everyone, especially kids, especially me,” said Cameren. “I thought it would be nice to defeat a COVID Monster since it seemed like nothing else could.”

Cameren has sold nearly 200 books since the September 26 release and held two signings.

“I hope that readers get a sense of hope when they read my book,” Cameren said. “I want them to feel inspired and feel also stronger than COVID. Although everyone has not won the physical battle, I believe they still win because they get to be in Heaven with their loved ones and God.”

Cameren’s goals include finishing school and becoming an architect, expanding her business, opening her own art gallery, possibly writing even more books, and establishing financial success so she can help the people of the world, her family, and church.

Attached, please find three pictures, courtesy of Norfolk Public Schools, from Cameren’s book release/signing party, and an image of her book cover. If you are interested in featuring Cameren White in a future story, please contact Madeline Curott at