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Two Easton Preschool Teachers Selected to Participate in Statewide Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative

Official Press Release

Norfolk, VA— The Virginia Department of Education has selected Danielle Sentz and Shannon Mackey, teachers from Easton Preschool, to participate as co-teachers in a cohort of teachers and administrators across the state who have committed to studying and implementing best teaching practices designed to support the achievement of students with disabilities.

 Their selection makes them a part of the VDOE’s Excellence in Co-Teaching Initiative which identifies demonstration sites across the state where co-teaching teams can share resources and host other teams in their classrooms for the purpose of modeling best practices. As a result of Ms. Sentz’s and Ms. Mackey’s selection, Easton Preschool will become a demonstration site for the 2020-21 school year.

Besides hosting on-site visits, these two teachers will be involved in producing videos, lesson plans, and other resources that will be shared on the Training and Technical Assistance Center’s online webshops featuring the “Real Co-Teachers of Virginia-Elementary.”

 Ms. Sentz and Ms. Mackey will participate in extensive training this summer so they will be well-equipped to support Easton Preschool as a demonstration site. The school will receive a $5,000 grant and the co-teaching partners will receive a $2,500 stipend from the VDOE.

“I am extremely proud of these dedicated teachers’ superb work on behalf of children and I look forward to Easton Preschool assisting teachers across Virginia who believe students with disabilities are capable of great achievement and who are committed to developing teaching practices which support that achievement,” said Principal Tami White.

Ms. Shannon Mackey pictured left. Ms. Danielle Sentz pictured right.