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Maury High School Student Selected to Participate in 2020 Disney Dreamers Academy

Maury High School Student Selected to Participate in 2020 Disney Dreamers Academy

Maury High School sophomore Azaria Cherry has been chosen to participate in the 2020 Disney Dreamers Academy. Out of thousands of applicants, only 100 students nationwide were selected for this honor.

Azaria will be involved in an immersive four-day experience that will take place March 12-15. The 2020 Disney Dreamers will participate in career-oriented workshops that explore a wide range of disciplines found at Walt Disney World. Some of the life tools they will be addressing include effective communications strategies, leadership skills and networking strategies. Since 2008, Walt Disney World Resort has provided all expense paid trips to more than 1,200 students plus a parent or guardian to participate in the annual Disney Dreamers Academy. Students who apply answer essay questions about their personal stories and dreams for the future. Azaria notes the essay question she enjoyed answering most was: “If you were given a phone/recording device and 24 hours, where would you go and what would you capture?” Her answer was she would gather up as many influential/historical women as possible to ask what they believe have been their keys to success, so she could share that information with other young women moving toward adulthood.

Azaria, who is part of the Health & Specialty Program in Maury, is a community-spirited individual who operates her own non-profit organization called ZincGirlz, which is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) organization that allows inner city girls to explore interests in these areas.

She says this about becoming a 2020 Disney Dreamer, “When I applied for the Disney Dreamers Academy, I never thought that I would be selected because of the amount of other amazing teens across the U.S. applying as well. I’m truly honored that I was chosen and I’m looking forward to this life-changing experience.”