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Zoom Expectations Matrix

Dear Parent-Guardian,

Below you will find the Norview Middle School PBIS Matrix for our Zoom classes. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions. Our school uses this to actively promote positive and safe social interactions and academic behaviors in our school. This matrix lists those social and academic behaviors for each of your child's virtual classes. Please make an effort to discuss and review this diagram with your child(ren) and be familiar with it yourself. So far this year, the online interactions and behavior in our Zoom classes have been nothing short of fantastic and this is a way to continue that work as we move forward in the second semester in the virtual environment. Students should also see this diagram posted to each classrooms Canvas page and will be reviewed as needed by each of your child's teachers. There are similar diagrams being developed for when students return for In-Person Instruction, as well. These, along the matrix shown here, will be posted on our Social Media platforms and are be open for your input. Please feel free to call the school and ask to leave a message for, or email the PBIS Committee Chair Mr. Wheeler ( to provide any feedback on our PBIS Matrix. We love hearing from our parents!