• Update 5.25.20

    Week 10, this week, is the final week of any new content for Lakewood Learning in Place packets.  As stated last week, only elementary Math and Reading, as well as Middle School Science had new content through Week 10.  After this week, any student who has completed their work will not have anything due.  All other students should use this time for making up assignments. 

    Lakewood teachers and administration are currently reviewing all students who have not submitted work for Learning in Place.  Students who have not turned in required work by the end of week 12 will earn an Incomplete for Quarter 4.  Students with incompletes will not be promoted to the next grade level until receiving a Pass for Quarter 4 per Norfolk Public School’s policy.  To help students with catching up, we have set up special Zoom sessions with teachers for each elementary grade level and middle school departments.  These are times during the week for your student to sign in and receive any assistance from teachers.  We will conduct these sessions for the next three weeks.  Only students who need assistance with work should sign in to these sessions. Attached to this email is the schedule. All your student has to do is click on the link for the selected time and enter in the password. All past packets Weeks 3 to 10 can be found on Lakewood’s Home Page by selecting the Learning in Place link.  The Zoom schedule will also be posted there.

    Parents, we have replaced the blue turn-in bin in front of the school with a black, metal, locking package bin.  Any assignments, library books, and textbooks can be returned to this bin 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it will be secure.  Speaking of library books, ADL still has over 1,000 library books checked out.  Please take some time in the next three weeks to return any library books.  Information is forthcoming on returning instruments for students in music classes.

    This is a reminder for all Lakewood students that cheating will not be tolerated.  There have been reports of students who are behind in work, asking other students for copies of completed assignments.  Students who are caught cheating will not receive credit for work and will be required to attend summer sessions to make up the missing assignments.  IB Middle School students are reminded of Lakewood’s Academic Honesty Policy.

    Appointments are still being accepted on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 10:00am-2:00pm for students to clean out their lockers.  The link to schedule one of these appointments can be found on the homepage of Lakewood’s web site.  Just look for our Learning in Place logo

    Update 5.3.20

    Starting Sunday, May 3, 2020, Weeks 7 & 8 Learning in Place packets are available online.  These packets will cover the weeks of May 4th - May 15th.  All activities are available on Google Classroom for each teacher.  Students in the Autism Spectrum Program should communicate with their teacher to get updates on learning packets.  The Forms and Documents link on this page also has downloadable pdfs with live links.  At the top of each pdf document is a link to the grade level Google folder which has copies of activities for each class.  Located in front of ADL are bins by grade level which also has paper packets available, however students are strongly encouraged to complete all assignments via Google Classroom.

    Also on our forms and documents link you will find FAQ's for both elementary and middle school grading procedures.  Please take some time to read through these documents so you and your student understand how grading will work for Quarter 3, 4 and Final Grades.

    Some highlights for this update:

    Weeks 7 & 8 will end all new content for Science and Social Studies at the elementary level.  Week 6 was the end of all new content for Art, Music and PE.  Math and Reading will continue through Weeks 9 & 10.

    Weeks 7 & 8 will end all new content for Middle School courses, except Science will have one last activity/summative for Weeks 9 & 10.  Students are highly encouraged to use Weeks 9 through 12 to complete any missing assignments or to resubmit some assignments for a higher score.

    The week of May 4th will be the last week for students to check-out Chromebooks if needed.  Schedule an appointment HERE.

    Update 4.19.20

    Starting Sunday, April 19, 2020, Week 5 & 6 Learning in Place packets are available online.  These packets will cover the weeks of April 20th - May 1st.  All activities are available on Google Classroom for each teacher.  Students in the Autism Spectrum Program should communicate with their teacher to get updates on learning packets.  You can click the forms and documents link on this page to find the downloadable pdfs with live links.  At the top of each pdf document is a link to the grade level Google folder which has copies of the activities.  

    Students are strongly encouraged to complete any assignments from Weeks 1 to 4.  Teachers are in the process of finalizing feedback for these assignments.  The district is set to release information shortly on how these packets will be calculated for Quarter 4 grades.

    Starting on Tuesday, April 28th, Lakewood students will be able to check out a ChromeBook to be used at home to assist with online learning.  Teachers and administration have pre-identified students who need technology and those students will have the opportunity to make appointments to pick up technology first.  If you are in need of technology, please email to make the request.

    Appoints for picking up technology can be made below.  In addition, we are still taking appointments for withdrawing students, picking up items from lockers, etc.  

    Schedule an appointment HERE

    Refunds:  We are in the process of writing checks for those students needing refunds for prepaid items such as field trips.  Checks will be mailed to the address we have on file.  Yearbook purchases will not be refunded as yearbooks will be available at the end of July early August.  Yearbooks are still on sale.  Any families who made purchases from School Spirit and Pride will receive those items when their plant reopens.  8th Graders will receive refunds for any purchases made on the 8th grade package minus the yearbook and t-shirt costs.   In the event that we are able to reschedule the Spirit of Norfolk formal and/or Busch Gardens Field Trip we will schedule an opportunity to pay for those activities.  

    Update from NPS 4.4.20 on grading:

    Will my child be graded on the learning activities he/she completes?

    Beginning April 6, 2020, Learning in Place plans will cover new instructional material.  As much as possible, these plans will provide the same level of pacing as if schools were in session. Students are expected to complete assigned activities. These activities will be assessed by their classroom teachers, which will result in a grade for the fourth quarter. The administration is currently working to finalize the methodology to fairly calculate grades based on students’ work.  Additional information is forthcoming, to include how students’ work should be submitted to their classroom teachers if they cannot do so via electronic means.

    How to make an appointment:

    The district is allowing for parents and students to make appointments to come to the school to pick-up medication, withdraw students, and pick-up personal items. You may also use this as a time to drop-off library books or other school items no longer needed. Medication pick-ups will have a priority. It is not necessary to schedule an appointment for ADL's Packet Pick-up or to drop off completed work. There are bins located in front of the school by grade level with packets in them or a blue bin to drop off completed material - Available 24 hours. Students who need additional instructional material such as a novel or textbook must make an appointment.

    Appointment hours are only Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00am-2:00pm and by appointment only.
    Each visitor is limited to 1 guest. Each visit is limited to 30 minutes. Additional time and guests will be granted for families with multiple children at ADL.

    At this time refunds for previously paid items will not be available.


    Schedule an appointment HERE

    Since the Governor of Virginia's announcement that school buildings would be closed until the end of the academic year, it has been unclear on what the expectations of teaching and learning would look like.  It is becoming more clear after guidance documents were released by the Virginia Department of Education that each school district must maintain continuity in learning.  As many of you know ADL offers a unique curriculum framework with Project-Based Learning and the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.  For this reason our pacing and curriculum guidance is different than the district.  Thus, ADL cannot use the Learning in Place documents provided by the district and has created our own.  On the Forms and Documents link to the left, you will find our Learning in Place Plans, including Weeks 3 & 4 (March 30th - April 10th) posted by grade level.  Each pdf document has links and information to access ADL's Google Classrooms.  If a student does not have technology access, paper packets are available in bins in front of the school divided by grade level.

    Students wishing to turn in completed assignments from Weeks 1 & 2, may drop these items off in the blue bin in front of the school.  Please make sure your full name and teacher's name are on each of the assignments.

    Please use this web site as your ADL's one-stop shop for our Learning in Place Plan for your student while we are out on the Governor's mandated school closure from March 16th - March 27th.  This is an unprecedented time for all of us, but please know that Lakewood’s staff is committed to making sure that any gaps in learning are limited for your student. 

    Use the link to the left that says forms and documents.  Here you will find a downloadable pdf that has a brief description and links for each grade level and subject area.  Almost all teachers are using Google Classroom to provide activities.  Many have emailed this information or provided it through Bloomz.  If you have any questions about these activities, please select the link below to access our staff's email listing.  You can also communicate with teachers via your ordinary way of communication.

    Our teachers will be available for "electronic office hours" on weekdays, March 18th - March 27th, 10:00am-2:00pm.  You can contact them via email (see below), but many have indicated other ways to contact them in via Google Classroom.  


  • Please use this link to go to our Staff Contact Page.  This link has all staff members listed.  Select a name to send an email.


    You can reach administration or ask general questions at