Students can access their teachers through the department listings in this section of the website.

    Since most teachers teach multiple subjects, students should carefully look at the assignments under the teacher's name to ensure they are selecting the correct work to complete. Many teachers have provided additional resources for all of their students, so it is wise to look at any documents that are not listed under a particular subject.

    Parents, many teachers have letters addressed to you, too.

    A full listing of teacher email addresses can be found on the homepage under SCHOOL NEWS or via this link,

    List of Teachers' Email Addresses. Teachers will be holding "office hours" on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and can be contacted by email.

    Student Email To access the NPS student email, students should go to the NPS homepage and choose the For Students link.

    The link to student email will be on the left. Students should login with their student email addresses as their usernames. The email address will be the student’s username @ npsk12.net.  

    Example D890h@npsk12.com. The password is the last 5 numbers of the student's  student ID number.

    If the student’s password was changed by the librarians during the school year, that password should be used instead of the five numbers.

     Zoom Directions you can use to navigate your Zoom class meetings

    Using the Chromebook from Home


    You can access ebooks from home with these links.

    Granby High School Library  Look for the e symbol by a title. These are our ebooks.

    JLG Access to Free eBooks

    You can access newspapers and other resources from the Reference Resources link, or page under the For Students link on the NPS page or on the GHS Library page.