Meal Charges

  • Prepayment for meals may be made directly to the student’s meal account at the school by cash or check or through The use of allows parents to pay and replenish a student’s meal account using a credit or debit card via a secure Internet site.

    We understand that there are times when a student will not have money.  We also understand that a hungry student is less likely to perform well in the classroom.  Therefore, students at all levels will be permitted to charge when necessary.  Charging is permitted for a complete meal only; as a result, snacks, beverages and a la carte items may not be charged.

    • Regardless of eligibility status, no student will be denied access to a complete meal.
    • Students who charge will receive a complete meal of their choice.
    • Students will not be made to work for their meals or to work to settle any unpaid meal charges.
    • Students will not be labeled or identified in any other way if they cannot pay for a meal or have an unpaid meal charge.
    • Students will not be approached by School Nutrition staff nor other school personal regarding their negative charge balance.

    Although we wish we could feed every student free of charge, federal Regulations require the School Nutrition department to collect outstanding debt.  This includes situations where debt accrued prior to meal benefits being approved. 

    Once a student has charged three times, parents will be notified of negative account balances as follows:

    • Bi-weekly automated phone calls (Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s school office to make certain that phone numbers are current)
    • Weekly negative balance letters sent via United States mail

    At no time will we refuse to feed your student, but please be advised that failure to pay outstanding debt negatively affects Norfolk Public Schools and may result in additional debt collection measures and fees to the household. Parents who have questions or need assistance with meal accounts may contact the School Nutrition Department at 757-628-2760 or email Business Manager, Gemma Ivy at

    We appreciate your support of the School Meals Program.