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13th Annual District Science Fair

13th Annual District Science Fair

Thank you to all of the students, parents, faculty and staff who attended the 13th Annual District Science Fair on Saturday, February 18.  The event was a tremendous success and attendance reached full capacity.  Adrienne R. Britton, Science Department Senior Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction said of the event, “This has been an amazing partnership.  Out of the 13 years that NPS has done this fair, 12 of them have been at Nauticus, our partnership with them has been awesome”.  During the opening of the fair, Nauticus representatives noted that their support of the Science Fair is their longest running partnership with any organization in the community.  Students in grades three (3) through six (6) eagerly presented their research to various members of the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) community.  Kudos to all of the student participants for exhibiting their ingenuity and congratulations to all of the winners!


13th Annual District Science Fair Winners

Life Science – Grade 3

1st Pauleen Angeli Santillan – Academy of Discovery at Lakewood

Which School Surface Has the Most Amount of Bacteria?

2nd Azari James – Monroe Elementary School   

Where Do Bananas Brown the Most?

3rd Christina Robinson – Ghent Elementary School

What Effect Does the Type of Television Program Have on the Heart Rate?


Life Science – Grade 4

1st Ainsley R. Mathews-Jamison – Larchmont Elementary School

Will a More Acidic (Lower pH) Water Environment Affect Phytoplankton’s Ability to Produce O2?

2nd Jonathan Justice Jr. – Norview Elementary School

Does My Dog Prefer Wet or Dry Dog Food?

3rd Caleb Willoughby – Willard Model Elementary School

Does the Color of an Apple Have an Effect on How Many Seeds It Has?


Life Science – Grade 5

1st Devin Smigiel – Ocean View Elementary School

Love Is in the Water

2nd Amalia Martorell – Academy for Discovery at Lakewood

Do Different Types of Music Affect Memory of Words?

3rd Azantae Brown – Larrymore Elementary School

How Does the Color of Light Affect Plant Growth?


Design Science – Grade 3

1st Landon Tucker – Richard Bowling School

Does the Design of a Paper Airplane Affect the Distance It Flies?

2nd Hailey Nicholson – Camp Allen Elementary School

Which Popcorn Brand Pops the Most Popcorn?

3rd Ryan Rivera-Morales – Tanners Creek Elementary School

Will the Shape of a Boat Affect the Amount of Weight It Can Carry?


Design Science – Grade 4

1st Gabriel Mallari – Mary Calcott Elementary School

Which Container Will Preserve Apple Slices the Longest?

2nd Tanna Leigh Devine Smith – Crossroads Elementary School

How Does the Type of Bag Affect Fruit Freshness?


Design Science – Grade 5

1st Vincent Bofo – Coleman Place Elementary School

Which Battery Brand Will Last the Longest?

2nd Isaac Bangert – Little Creek Elementary School

Does the Composition of a Bath Bomb Affect My Bath Water?

3rd Jayla Eley – Tanners Creek Elementary School

Which Detergent Makes the Best Slime in the Fastest Time?


Physical science – Grade 3

1st Lyric Jones – Tarrallton Elementary School

Do Homemade Bubble Solutions Using Corn Syrup and Glycerin Make Stronger Bubble Solutions?

2nd Audrey Malbon – Mary Calcott Elementary School

Does Height Help a Ball Bounce Higher?

3rd Mateo Canga – W. H. Taylor Elementary School

How Does Heat Affect Magnets?


Physical science – Grade 4

1st Sarah Hardy – Academy for Discovery at Lakewood

Does Mint Cool Water?

2nd Jessica McGregor – Sewells Point Elementary School

Which Household Liquid Removes Copper Oxide off a Penny the Best?

3rd Emma Valencia – Ghent School

Does the Cost of Laundry Detergent Affect How Clean Clothes Will Get When Washed?


Physical science – Grade 5

1st Qua’Tarious Bowman –  Norview Elementary School

Will Sugar Dissolve Faster in Hot, Cold, or Warm Water?

2nd Cesar Hernandez – Richard Bowling Elementary School

Are Gases Affected by Temperature?

3rd Keamari McQueen – Camp Allen Elementary School

Does the Mass of a Ball Affect How High It Bounces?


Grade 6 PowerPoint Presentations

1st Elisha Williams – Crossroads School 

Does the pH of a Liquid Affect its Evaporation Rate?

2nd Miles Miskill – Academy for Discovery at Lakewood

Does the Color of Reading Paper Affect Reading Speed?

3rd Grego Pahl – Southside STEM Academy at Campostella

Does a Colored Candle Burn Faster Than a White Candle?

13th Annual District Science Fair